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Let’s Talk About Health

Healthy-LivingI get so frustrated watching TV commercials these days. I swear all you see is commercials claiming “pop this pill and lose weight…..no exercise or diet needed”. Really?! What in the world is in most of those pills? I don’t even want to know. Truly, the thing that disturbs me the most is that we are marketing to people with a true disease, yes obesity is a disease, telling them to keep on living their sedentary unhealthy lifestyles and just pop a pill to deal with the weight. WHAT?!?! NOOOOOO!!! We need to be educating people on how to eat healthy, how to exercise…..how to take care of themselves and get healthy. Believe it or not, the majority of people do not know how to eat healthy, they never had a good example set for them. They don’t know how to start exercising and what to do…..as a community we need to stop contributing to yo-yo dieting and easy fixes and start educating our youth on health and staying physically active. It is a crime that PE is being taken out of schools from budget cuts. I mean, what is wrong with us!?!? How does that seem like a good idea when we have such a problem with obesity in this country?

Let’s talk about some good ways to live healthy:


  • Park further away from the door so you have to walk further
  • Walk for 10 minutes at lunch, everyday (if you live in snow, walk around your office)


  • Do lunges, squats, push-ups, crunches, planks – whatever you can think of, during commercials when you are watching TV at night.
  • FIRST thing in the morning – get out of bed and do some jumping jacks, squats, push ups

Your Plate:

  • ALWAYS use a small plate. There is no need ever for a large plate. Put it back and get the small one.
  • Fill half of your plate with vegetables. Every single meal. 1/2 of your plate should always be veggies. The majority of the remaining plate should be protein, with a small portion left for carbs.

Food Preparation:

  • Buy raw vegetables – but when you get home, chop them up IMMEDIATELY and store them in ziploc bags or tupperware. That way when you go to the refrigerator the healthy food is ready available for you.
  • Buy bulk healthy meats (we buy at Costco) – when you get home immediately put them in ziplocs with a marinade and freeze them. That way you can take a lean protein out in the morning and have it ready to grill up when you get home from work, or all your kiddos activities.

The number one thing you have to know is that living a healthy lifestyle does take work. BUT….it is completely worth it, to put in the extra effort and time in order to feel so much more alive. I promise you that if you challenge yourself to move more and eat real healthy foods, you WILL feel like a completely different person. Please, don’t just pop a pill and hope to lose weight. Put in the effort for yourself, because you are worth it.img_1439

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Workout Anywhere – Stay FIT Through the Holidays!

WorkoutAs you all know I workout at home. I typically workout while my son is napping or if it is just one of those days where he isn’t napping well then I will do my workout right next to him in our family room. I turn the TV off and put on some music. It is important to set up the environment so that it is conducive to you getting a good workout. TV is distracting for me, sometimes I find that I do not workout as hard if I am focusing on what is on the TV instead of just unplugging and focusing on the workout. Music helps me engage in my workout, so I put on some good music and get the party started. BUT if it is a good time for you to workout while you and your family are watching TV in the evening, by all means….workout in front of the TV! Do what works for you!!!

One thing I do not do often enough is take my home workout outside. Whether it be on your driveway or backyard or even a patio/balcony. I encourage you to get outside for your home workouts a few times a week to get the fresh air and natural sunlight!

Get some water and get ready for an awesome workout!

Warm up: Cardio to get your heart rate going 

100 Jumping Jacks

60 seconds – High Knees

60 seconds – Butt Kicks

90 seconds – Jumping Rope (with or without a rope – if you don’t have a rope just mimic the motion)

60 seconds – Toe Taps – use the side of your couch or a chair pushed up against the wall. In a fast motion tap your toes alternating to the chair/sofa.

100 Low Jacks

Ab Series :

60 Bicyces

100s – Pilates Ab

50 cruches

60 second plank

Full body Series:

90 seconds – Speed Skaters

45 seconds – Mountain Climbers

20 Bear Crawls – 5 forward, 5 back, 5 forward, 5 back

10 Burpees

Arm Series:

20 Bicep Curls

30 Dips – use side of table, tub, chair

20 Lying Down Fly Presses

15 Pushups

Leg Series:

20 Static Lunges Each Leg – with or without weight

20 Calf Raises Each Leg

40 Step Ups – use chair or half wall (20 each leg)

20 Backward Leg Lifts Each Leg – hold onto chair or get on all fours and do press

40 Squats with side leg kick – 10 squats with right leg kick, 10 squats with left leg kick – repeat on each side

10 Double Leg Beats (Pilates Side Lying Leg Lifts) – each side – repeat on each side so 2 sets of 10 reps each side

leg raises






10 Side Lying Inner Leg Lifts – Pilates – each side – repeat on each side so 2 sets of 10 reps








Ab Series Cool Down:

60 Bicycles

30 Frog Crunches

50 Sumo Squat Oblique Bends

40 Lying DownStraight Leg Alternating Lifts

Stretch It Out:

Seated Forward Bend

Seated Torso Twist – Each Side

Yoga – Pigeon Pose – Each Side

Sit Up Straight and Extend Arms Above Head – Interlace Fingers and Stretch Up

GREAT JOB!!! I hope you guys are feeling as amazing as I am after that workout blast! I feel like I have the energy to conquer my day now! Remember that every workout does not work for everyone. If you are just starting out, I suggest that you use a timer and do each exercise for 30 seconds. Give yourself 30 seconds to do as much as you can, take a little break and move onto the next exercise. It is important to push yourself while you workout but not to the point of injury. Believe me, if you are consistent with your workouts and healthy eating you will advance quickly. It is better to get yourself moving, you have to start somewhere…rather than to say “I can’t do that workout” and quit before you even give yourself a chance. You CAN be healthy!

Remember to hydrate. I hope you have a beautiful Wednesday!

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Happy Monday – 17 Days Till Thanksgiving….Stay HEALTHY with GOALS

Happy Monday everyone! I know that happy and Monday don’t always go well in the same thought, but I encourage you all to embrace Monday as a positive day to reset. Let go of what happened last week and reset for this week. Whether you didn’t work out enough or at all, you ate horribly or you had a few slip ups, you got down on yourself…..whatever it may be, let it go and start new today.

One thing that happens with a lot of us is that we let a bad day/week turn into a bad month, bad season, bad year. Then you wake up and realize you have been living an unhealthy lifestyle for WAY too long. Don’t let slip ups get you down and set you back. Just brush it off and keep reaching forward toward your goals. Forgive yourself for your slip ups and move past them. We often hold on to negative behaviors for too long simply because we get down on ourselves for “failing”. Don’t let this happen to you!

Setting goals is extremely important. We all need goals. Think about your professional life….how many of you have evaluations every year or even more often where you set performance goals? Probably a great deal of you. Apply this to your personal life too! Set short term and long term goals for yourself. If you don’t have a goal to work towards than it can be very hard to stay motivated and measure your progress. Currently we have set a goal to eat extremely clean for the next 17 days. We need a fresh feel good cleanse to get us from the crazy Halloween parties and vacation we were on to the fun Thanksgiving weekend approaching. SO many people give up on themselves between Halloween and New Years. That is over 2 months of set backs! Think about how long that is. I encourage you to stay healthy this holiday season. Of course we will all have parties and holiday events where we aren’t eating as healthy as we should but don’t let that role over into months of bad habits! Join us in eating healthy for 17 days so that we all get to Thanksgiving feeling AMAZING!


I know that none of you want to be devastated by not being able to button your jeans. It is in your control. Eating healthy is a mental battle. No food will ever taste as good as healthy feels! That is my promise to you. Stay active and eat healthy and you will be so much happier!

Today I am going back to one of my favorite core strengthening workouts! Join me in enjoying some awesome planks! Link below….


Keep your mind positive. Have a wonderful Monday!

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YOGA – After Work

This simple yoga sequence is designed to help all of us that sit at our computers all day. After watching this awesome video I am eager to get home and try it out! We all know the aches and pains from not being mobile enough during the week. I will try this yoga sequence and let you know what I think. Please, try it with me and tell me what you think.


Attached Article By: Heidi Kristoffer ~Yoga Instructor

February 27 – DAY 12

Day 12: February 27
Juice: (blending whole fruits and veggies, I am not actually juicing them)
4 oz coconut water
1/2 Apple
1 Whole banana
1 Carrot
**I need to get spinach and wheatgrass this weekend to include in my juice again
Homemade Coffee – Black
Panera with a Free Lunch Coupon (YES)!! I had a work lunch so I had to eat out.
Power Steak Lettuce Wraps:
Seared Top-sirloin
Leaf Lettuce
Diced Tomatoes
Red Onion
Fresh Lemon
Can I tell you that this was delicious! I recommend it!
Snack: Cuties
4 oz Chicken
1/2 beet
High 63* ~ today was a beautiful day!
My legs are hurting from my circuit workout. I have planned a two-day circuit workout that is 30 minutes each day that will be a total body workout! Starting tomorrow! So excited 🙂
Slept OK – not great! My daughter came and got in my bed at 3 am and I was too tired to make her go back to her bed. This usually means from the time she gets in my bed until I wake up I do not sleep as well. Again…..I really need to figure out my sleeping. I am a FIRM believer in protecting your sleep and getting good rest, otherwise you aren’t able to give 100% the WHOLE next day!


February 26 – DAY 11

Day 11: February 26
Juice: (of course I blended whole items and did not just use the juice of anything)
4 oz coconut water
1/2 banana
1/2 Apple
1 Whole carrot
Coffee – homemade black
Snack – Homemade Grain Free Granola and Cuties
*This homemade grain free granola has become a staple in my diet.
Lunch – I was not hungry, therefore I didn’t eat 🙂 I am getting better at listening to my body.
Snack: raw almonds
Olive oil
4 oz Salmon
Fresh Guacamole – whole foods
Raw carrots
This was to die for. I was basically a bed of arugula with olive oil on top and topped with grilled salmon, lemon squeezed over it, pepper to your liking, crumbled up bacon and fresh guacamole. YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!! I put some carrots on the side because I often like to have something on the side.
5 min warm up on my treadmill
Circuit – 6 exercises in 3 minutes – 6 times! Refer to my circuit exercises on http://www.ourprimallife.com/category/exercise/timed-circuit-workouts/
1:30 min plank to finish off my exercise.
High 63* – beautiful
Slept SO well after a delicious dinner and crazy hard workout.
I am loving life and loving the energy I have from living a healthy life.