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Workout Anywhere – Stay FIT Through the Holidays!

WorkoutAs you all know I workout at home. I typically workout while my son is napping or if it is just one of those days where he isn’t napping well then I will do my workout right next to him in our family room. I turn the TV off and put on some music. It is important to set up the environment so that it is conducive to you getting a good workout. TV is distracting for me, sometimes I find that I do not workout as hard if I am focusing on what is on the TV instead of just unplugging and focusing on the workout. Music helps me engage in my workout, so I put on some good music and get the party started. BUT if it is a good time for you to workout while you and your family are watching TV in the evening, by all means….workout in front of the TV! Do what works for you!!!

One thing I do not do often enough is take my home workout outside. Whether it be on your driveway or backyard or even a patio/balcony. I encourage you to get outside for your home workouts a few times a week to get the fresh air and natural sunlight!

Get some water and get ready for an awesome workout!

Warm up: Cardio to get your heart rate goingΒ 

100 Jumping Jacks

60 seconds – High Knees

60 seconds – Butt Kicks

90 seconds – Jumping Rope (with or without a rope – if you don’t have a rope just mimic the motion)

60 seconds – Toe Taps – use the side of your couch or a chair pushed up against the wall. In a fast motion tap your toes alternating to the chair/sofa.

100 Low Jacks

Ab Series :

60 Bicyces

100s – Pilates Ab

50 cruches

60 second plank

Full body Series:

90 seconds – Speed Skaters

45 seconds – Mountain Climbers

20 Bear Crawls – 5 forward, 5 back, 5 forward, 5 back

10 Burpees

Arm Series:

20 Bicep Curls

30 Dips – use side of table, tub, chair

20 Lying Down Fly Presses

15 Pushups

Leg Series:

20 Static Lunges Each Leg – with or without weight

20 Calf Raises Each Leg

40 Step Ups – use chair or half wall (20 each leg)

20 Backward Leg Lifts Each Leg – hold onto chair or get on all fours and do press

40 Squats with side leg kick – 10 squats with right leg kick, 10 squats with left leg kick – repeat on each side

10 Double Leg Beats (Pilates Side Lying Leg Lifts) – each side – repeat on each side so 2 sets of 10 reps each side

leg raises






10 Side Lying Inner Leg Lifts – Pilates – each side – repeat on each side so 2 sets of 10 reps








Ab Series Cool Down:

60 Bicycles

30 Frog Crunches

50 Sumo Squat Oblique Bends

40 Lying DownStraight Leg Alternating Lifts

Stretch It Out:

Seated Forward Bend

Seated Torso Twist – Each Side

Yoga – Pigeon Pose – Each Side

Sit Up Straight and Extend Arms Above Head – Interlace Fingers and Stretch Up

GREAT JOB!!! I hope you guys are feeling as amazing as I am after that workout blast! I feel like I have the energy to conquer my day now! Remember that every workout does not work for everyone. If you are just starting out, I suggest that you use a timer and do each exercise for 30 seconds. Give yourself 30 seconds to do as much as you can, take a little break and move onto the next exercise. It is important to push yourself while you workout but not to the point of injury. Believe me, if you are consistent with your workouts and healthy eating you will advance quickly. It is better to get yourself moving, you have to start somewhere…rather than to say “I can’t do that workout” and quit before you even give yourself a chance. You CAN be healthy!

Remember to hydrate. I hope you have a beautiful Wednesday!

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I have really missed doing yoga so I pulled out my P90X yoga video on Saturday. Very quickly I was reminded of the intensity of P90X workouts. It felt SO good to struggle through this video!! I completed the entire workout πŸ™‚ (…barely!) Gradually throughout the day I got a little more and more sore, to the point where I couldn’t believe how achingly amazing my entire body felt. These are truly FULL BODY workouts! Instead of taking a day to relax, on Sunday, we woke up early and went on a hike up in the mountains. I definitely felt the soreness of my body from the yoga I did the day before, but it did not limit me. It simply felt amazing to feel sore in places I haven’t in a long time. On this beautiful hike I came up with a brilliant idea 28 days before our wedding and 24 days before we leave town for our wedding…… we should do 3 solid weeks of P90X.

Tuesday morning our 3 week journey began. We will do week 1-3 of the Lean P90X program before our wedding, then take a break for the wedding and honeymoon and get back on it when we get home.

So far we have completed 4 days.

Day 1: Core Synergistics (60 minutes)

Day 2: Cardio X (45 minutes)

Day 3: Shoulders & Arms, and the Ab Ripper X (75 minutes total)

Day 4: Yoga X (90 minutes)

Everyday I have felt my body ache, in a good way. It feels amazing to use my body in a way I haven’t in a while and challenge myself mentally and physically. My flexibility level has already increased simply from giving the time to really stretching appropriately before and after workouts ~ and the yoga obviously helps. This week so far the thing I have concentrated on most is breathing into poses and stretches. Use your breath to push yourself further! Inhale and come out of a stretch slightly, then on the exhale really push your body deeper into the position! HEAVEN!

My challenge to everyone out there is to stop saying and thinking you can’t do something and just start doing it. You are capable of anything you allow yourself to do…..stop getting in your own way!

Happy Friday everyone!!!!



Strengthen Your Core – PLANKS

Strengthening your core is so important to your physical health. Focusing on your core can help in so many areas of your life, health and exercise routine. A strong core supports good posture, can help back pain, can prevent injury due to the strength for stabilization, and simply can make you feel better about yourself. My favorite exercise to strengthen my core is a routine of various planks. Work this Plank Routine into your week a few times and I promise you will notice a difference in your life. The strength you build in your core with help you in your other exercise routines.

It is always best to get your blood flowing however you feel most comfortable, some suggestions for you are:

Walk 15+ minutes

100 jumping jacks

100 High Knees

Jump Rope for 3-5 minutes

*whatever you think is appropriate for you personally to get a quick warm-up in


Traditional Plank Β – 60 seconds


image courtesy of shape.com

Reverse Plank – 60 seconds

reverse plank

Photo courtesy of shape.com

Side Plank – 60 seconds each side


Photo Courtesy of brides.com

*Alternative side planks include the following two images*

Side Plank with Leg Lift

Photo courtesy of shape.com

Side Plank with Leg Lift

Photo courtesy of shape.com

Towel Planks – 3 sets of 12-15 reps

Take two small towels under each foot. Draw left knee into right side of your chest remembering to tighten core, extend out again. Do the same thing with the right leg, bring right knee in to left side of your chest, extend out again. Finally bring both legs in together to chest and extend. This is 1 rep.

Towel Plank and Knee In

Photo courtesy of shape.com

Plank Jacks – 3 sets 12-15 reps each

Think Jumping Jacks and Plank combined

Photo courtesy of health.com

Superman Plank

Photo courtesy of menshealth.com

*Alternate option for superman plank

Photo courtesy of bodyrock.tv

Plank Heel Touch – 3 sets of 12-15 reps

Photo courtesy of shape.com

Traditional Plank – 60 sec +

End your workout with a traditional plank. Hold it for 60 seconds and work your way up to 180 seconds as you can.

I hope you enjoy these exercises. You are guaranteed to feel amazing and notice a stronger core quickly with this set! Happy planking everyone!


Upper Body Pyramid

Keep your momentum up as you run through this pyramid. You want to remember to concentrate on your posture. Bad posture and lazy motions can lead to injury. Β The more often we injure ourselves we set ourselves back. Remember to enjoy your work-out. Make it as enjoyable as possible.

Repeat Pyramid 3 – 5 times depending on your fitness level. Rest for a minute or two between sets. The less rest time you give yourself between sets helps to keep your heart rate up and give you the cardiovascular work-out. Drink water.

Optional: I like to warm my body up before workouts, whether it be with a quick 15 minute walk, some jumping jacks, running in place, whatever you desire. Doing this helps to get me in the right mindset to complete my pyramid with enthusiasm.

Images are included below to show you the exercise.

10 Push-ups

20 Tricep- Dips

30 Dumbbell Pullover on Exercise Ball

40 Overheard Press Alternating Arms sitting on Exercise Ball

50 Alternating Bicep Curls

40 Overheard Press Alternating Arms sitting on Exercise Ball

30 Dumbbell Pullover on Exercise Ball

20 Tricep- Dips

10 Push-ups

*Use a weight that is good for you. You can set goals to increase the weight of the bumbbell you use.



Imagine is from Women’s Health Magazine

Push-ups on Ball (if you want to use the ball)

Push-up on Ball

This image is from Fitness Magazine

Tricep Dips

Tri-cep Dips

This image is from Fitness Magazine

Advanced Tricep Dips (if you want to increase the burn)

Tri-cep Dips Advanced

This image is from Fitness Magazine

Dumbbell Pullover on Exercise Ball

Pullover on Ball - Women's Health

This image is from Women’s Health Magazine

Alternating Overhead Press on Ball – extended

Overhead Press - Womens Health

This image is from Women’s Health Magazine

Alternating Overhead Press on Ball – sitting

Overhead Press - Mens Health

This image is from Men’s Health online

Alternating Bicep Curls

Bicep Curls - Womens Fitness

This images is from Women’s Fitness online.

ENJOY the burn!!!!

February 20 – DAY 5

Day 5: February 20th
I feel like after dinner last night I ate way too much yesterday! So today I am going to try and fast from my juice/morning through dinner. I have read a lot about the idea of fasting with the Paleo diet but always thought if you deprived yourself for 12 hours or so that you would mess with your metabolism. But I truly believe in the idea of fasting, as long as you do it in a healthy way.
1/2 apple
1 whole banana
4 oz coconut water
Coffee – homemade with 2 shacks of cinnamon
4 cuties
20 almonds
It is SNOWING in Tucson and I was planning in going home to change my mindset for lunch! Don’t you just hate it when your plan gets messed up…….BUT the snow was absolutely gorgeous in the desert!
Fasting from my juice/breakfast through dinner was easier than I imagined. I do believe that we keep and use the energy from our foods when we eliminate the grains and sugars.
Rotisserie chicken – YUM
SautΓ©ed spinach
-olive oil
Simple. Easy. Delicious
Cardio sets (7)
20 squats
20 sit-ups
10 push-ups
20 lunges
40 flutter kicks
20 various exercise
-biceps x2
-triceps x2
-jumping jacks
I was dizzy after my workout and had to eat an apple and drink lots of water. It is interesting because I get dizzy easily and my solution in the past has always been to eat carbs, in particular grains OR sugar to get myself out of the phase. This choice of a natural sugar and getting really hydrated worked better than going and eating half a bagel as I used to do! Love it!!! I am loving life today. It was a good day.
Slept a good 7 hours. Excited to see what kind of snow we wake up to. My daughter is just thrilled.
Hope everyone has a great day.


Quick Positive Start

Get up and get a positive kick-start to your day. Doing something is always better than nothing. Get rid of the mentality that you need an hour + to work out. That is false. Imagine if you did 20 minutes a day every day that you skipped a workout because you “don’t have the time” to get in a workout. You would likely be a lot more pleased with your figure and feel a whole lot better. You can either run through this until you are done, or you can set a timer and only do what you can in a set amount of time. Remember though if you decide on 20 minutes total and it takes you 15 minutes to walk a mile then you will only have 5 minutes to do the other exercises. So get busy the second you walk through your door.

Kick Start Your Day:

1 – 2 miles….Either walk, skip, jog, sprint, run. Do whatever you feel is fun and appropriate for you. Just get out and get going.

When you get back home immediately go into the following exercises:

50 crunches

50 bicycles

15 push ups

40 lunges (20 each leg)

20 Tricep dips

50 Jumping Jacks

Repeat 3 times.

You are done. Hopefully you will feel that burn tomorrow. You just brightened your morning with a positive boost to your day! Happy Friday everyone!