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Homemade Beef Jerky

We are so excited! We are in the middle of making our first batch of homemade beef jerky in a LONG time! My husband used to make homemade beef jerky and turkey jerky….but somehow, life happens. You have kiddos and they have schedules and all of a sudden you realize it has been WAY too long since you used your dehydrator. SO we bought some yummy flank steak at Costco and went to work. My husband gave taught me a good lesson this weekend….you don’t want to marinade fresh beef jerky in fats (oils) ~ BECAUSE, they will go rancid more quickly. Good tip!!!

We decided to refer to a recipe this time to make the beef jerky. Typically we freeze it, take it out and let it thaw a little, slice it really thinly, then just season it up really well and throw it in the dehydrator. BUT we wanted to follow a recipe to see how it tasted. So we pulled the beef jerky recipe from the Primal Palate website: http://www.primalpalate.com/paleo-recipe/beef-jerky/ (PS..these people are AWESOME, if you haven’t seen their site or read they cookbooks ~ you should!)

We are just at the beginning stage. We froze our meat, let it thaw, cut it up and put it in with coconut aminos and garlic over-night.


Now it is all seasoned up and waiting until tomorrow morning to go in the dehydrator…..


so, stay tuned for the official review. 🙂 I will give you an update on the dehydrator and finished product tomorrow!!! Have an awesome Monday!

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Strengthen Your Core – PLANKS

Strengthening your core is so important to your physical health. Focusing on your core can help in so many areas of your life, health and exercise routine. A strong core supports good posture, can help back pain, can prevent injury due to the strength for stabilization, and simply can make you feel better about yourself. My favorite exercise to strengthen my core is a routine of various planks. Work this Plank Routine into your week a few times and I promise you will notice a difference in your life. The strength you build in your core with help you in your other exercise routines.

It is always best to get your blood flowing however you feel most comfortable, some suggestions for you are:

Walk 15+ minutes

100 jumping jacks

100 High Knees

Jump Rope for 3-5 minutes

*whatever you think is appropriate for you personally to get a quick warm-up in


Traditional Plank  – 60 seconds


image courtesy of shape.com

Reverse Plank – 60 seconds

reverse plank

Photo courtesy of shape.com

Side Plank – 60 seconds each side


Photo Courtesy of brides.com

*Alternative side planks include the following two images*

Side Plank with Leg Lift

Photo courtesy of shape.com

Side Plank with Leg Lift

Photo courtesy of shape.com

Towel Planks – 3 sets of 12-15 reps

Take two small towels under each foot. Draw left knee into right side of your chest remembering to tighten core, extend out again. Do the same thing with the right leg, bring right knee in to left side of your chest, extend out again. Finally bring both legs in together to chest and extend. This is 1 rep.

Towel Plank and Knee In

Photo courtesy of shape.com

Plank Jacks – 3 sets 12-15 reps each

Think Jumping Jacks and Plank combined

Photo courtesy of health.com

Superman Plank

Photo courtesy of menshealth.com

*Alternate option for superman plank

Photo courtesy of bodyrock.tv

Plank Heel Touch – 3 sets of 12-15 reps

Photo courtesy of shape.com

Traditional Plank – 60 sec +

End your workout with a traditional plank. Hold it for 60 seconds and work your way up to 180 seconds as you can.

I hope you enjoy these exercises. You are guaranteed to feel amazing and notice a stronger core quickly with this set! Happy planking everyone!


March 1: DAY 14

Morning Workout – 12 min
Atomic Sit-ups
Flutter Kicks
Banana, Cuties
Homemade Coffee – Black
Grilled Chicken
Apple, Grain Free Granola
  • I am really not hungry, so I am probably going to eat a bigger dinner.
Snack – Raw Almonds
3 scrambled eggs with red bell peppers and green onion
2 bacon pieces
I ate way too much!!!!! My eyes were too big for my stomach!!!! The great thing is that the eating did not make me sleepy. When I used to eat too much pasta or too much of a sandwich or something it would leave me feeling paralyzed. I do not feel like that at all.
I went to a Mary Kay training event for fun and feel positive about creating my own success and happiness whatever way I see fit!
Workout: 15 minute circuits (3 min, 6 sets)
20 squats
20 sit-ups
10 push-ups
20 lunges
40 flutter kicks
40 jumping jacks
Arms x2 sets with 10 lb weights
10 bicept curls each
10 shoulder presses
10 tricep pushes
1 square of dark chocolate
High 87* – It was a beautiful day! I am feeling really positive and energetic.
I slept really well! I got 8 hours and slept hard! It was a good day to catch up on much needed sound sleep! I love Friday nights! I hope you all are having a successful and positive day!
Remember, your body and mind will feel a LOT better later if you make positive good choices now! I can’t tell you how often I watch people eat HUGE bowls of spaghetti or a HUGE piece of cake and about 20 minutes later feel horrible. I am on DAY 14 and haven’t felt that icky regret disgust feeling in 14 days now.

February 28 – DAY 13

Day 13: February 28
Homemade Coffee – Black
Homemade Grain-free Granola
No lunch – cuties, apple, almonds snacks
I often feel more energetic when I have meaningful snacks throughout my day rather than sitting down and having a structured lunch.
Dinner –
2 pieces of bacon
3 scrambled eggs with red bell pepper and green onion – cooked in bacon grease.
seasoned with black pepper
Breakfast for dinner is a SURE THING. The kids are always happy to do crazy things like having breakfast foods at dinner time 😀
Dessert – piece of dark chocolate
*Not ready to fully fast – but I am trying to mentally prepare myself for fasting. I believe for me personally that fasting could be a really positive thing in my routine.
High 66*
Didn’t work out – attempted to but was too tired. My treadmill needs to be lubed……..so I am going to get that tomorrow and not be able to use it as an excuse any longer!
***I realized after 2 months on this lifestyle that it was GREAT to just go out and walk a mile and do some circuit body weight exercises at my house. I realized I did not have to kill myself on the treadmill to get the results I want.
Slept good until my daughter got in bed with me at 3 am. 7.5 hours. Need some good sleep this weekend. I am putting the finishing touches on my house getting ready for my fiance to move in on Monday! SO exciting!!
At this point this lifestyle is just a routine. I definitely need to spice up my cooking and get new things on my plate just for fun but I really am not missing grains and dairy much at all anymore! How wonderful is that!?!?!
Happy eating everyone.

February 27 – DAY 12

Day 12: February 27
Juice: (blending whole fruits and veggies, I am not actually juicing them)
4 oz coconut water
1/2 Apple
1 Whole banana
1 Carrot
**I need to get spinach and wheatgrass this weekend to include in my juice again
Homemade Coffee – Black
Panera with a Free Lunch Coupon (YES)!! I had a work lunch so I had to eat out.
Power Steak Lettuce Wraps:
Seared Top-sirloin
Leaf Lettuce
Diced Tomatoes
Red Onion
Fresh Lemon
Can I tell you that this was delicious! I recommend it!
Snack: Cuties
4 oz Chicken
1/2 beet
High 63* ~ today was a beautiful day!
My legs are hurting from my circuit workout. I have planned a two-day circuit workout that is 30 minutes each day that will be a total body workout! Starting tomorrow! So excited 🙂
Slept OK – not great! My daughter came and got in my bed at 3 am and I was too tired to make her go back to her bed. This usually means from the time she gets in my bed until I wake up I do not sleep as well. Again…..I really need to figure out my sleeping. I am a FIRM believer in protecting your sleep and getting good rest, otherwise you aren’t able to give 100% the WHOLE next day!


Local Harvest

Farmers Market

As I have expressed in previous posts I am new to this Primal life. I have been living Primal/Paleo for four months. As a newcomer to this lifestyle I continue to learn new things daily. My fiance has a lot more knowledge since he has been living Primal/Paleo for 2 1/2 years, but he allows me to explore and find what is good for me personally.

I am beyond thrilled with my new find. This may not be new to you all but I wanted to share in case it could be useful to anyone out there. I found the site: http://www.localharvest.org/ 😀 On this site you can search your area for local farmers markets, family farms, etc. This is a great way to find local produce and grass-fed meats. I am thrilled to explore some of the farms near Tucson. It also made me realize that when we go to the farmers market on Sunday we should really talk with the “vendors”/farmers and learn about them and where they are located. Nothing seems more amazing than having a personal relationship with farmers that you buy your produce and meats from!

It also turned me on the idea of a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). On this you pay in advance for a 6 or 12 week subscription and you go once a week and pick up your produce/meat/eggs/cheese from local farms. The disadvantage to this is that you are not able to choose what you get when it comes to the produce, but you know everything you are getting is locally farmed, organic and fresh.


Happy exploring everyone!